Managed Care Programmes

There are an increasing number of initiatives such as QOF, QIPP and customised programmes that are driving change in the way the NHS is delivering care. The key aims of these programmes are to improve the quality of care whilst reducing costs through;

  • Establishing care planning in routine practice
  • Identifying sections of the local population by potential need for services and support self care
  • Developing new and existing providers to support self-care
  • Systematically link individuals’ needs and goals into population level commissioning
  • Explore the costs and benefits of providing these services and support
  • Explore the role of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in supporting delivery, innovation and driving uniform uptake of guidance (NICE) in healthcare

At the centre of improving care is the care planning consultation. The Care planning consultation offers the opportunity to fully inform the patient and empower them to self manage their disease.

In order for Care planning consultation to be delivered, it requires a number of improvements in both organisational processes and culture within the current Health Care system. It requires a shift from traditional management and many NHS organisations have struggled to fully and successfully implement the new models of care being driven by the NHS.

Apodi Healthcare Limited is CQC registered to supply services in the following areas:

Diagnostic and screening procedures
Surgical procedures
Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

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