Resourcing for Talent

What are Talents?  At Apodi we believe talents are different to skills, in that they tend to be innate rather than learned; uncovering and then harnessing talents is very powerful in driving performance and results for an organisation.


Talents usually become clear through what people enjoy doing, what they are good at and where they achieve and deliver the best results.  Focusing on what candidates are good at, their strengths and what they are passionate about, through the interview or assessment process, will help in identifying their talents and skills, so that they can be closely aligned to our client’s specific requirements.


As Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies change to align their structures to the evolving NHS, they are demanding a different set of talents that can deliver for their customers, in increasingly complex roles. These complex roles, require new skills in the provision of new service solutions to the NHS and more of a partnership approach to deliver the joint agenda which focuses on outcomes for patients.


The ability to attract, identify and deploy talent is critical in delivering for our clients and is therefore the focus of the Resourcing team at Apodi, this is above and beyond the standard competencies required to fulfill a role.


We have developed our assessment methodology to ensure a powerful alignment of the candidate to the role profile and provide a more predictable indicator of future high performance.


Whilst our process will assess the core competencies required for the role, our model is based on a more robust approach concentrating on:


Competency, talent, cultural fit and individual mental toughness

  • Including an individual talent profile, the cultural fit of each candidate to the specific organisation (delivered through our account management approach and a strong understanding of each client’s requirement) and mental toughness to succeed in today’s competitive environment.
  • Mental toughness is clear from an individual’s self-belief, motivation, focus and composure which if strong, allows candidates to present with the required confidence and gravitas to engage at a senior level within the NHS.