What We Do / Homecare

Apodi’s Homecare Services are designed to help clients provide innovative, customised and dedicated Homecare Services to meet clients' specific ACCESS requirements and the needs of patients and the NHS.

The Homecare Service is led by Apodi in partnership with Personal Homecare Pharmacy Limited. This partnership brings together Apodi’s ‘best in class’ Nurse Services together with Personal Homecare Pharmacy’s ‘best in class’ Dispensing and Delivery Services.

The Service is aimed at driving the optimisation of key objectives that are critical to our clients including:

  • Dedicated care from dedicated nurses driving patient outcomes and experiences

  • Minimising time from patient initiation to delivery of the service

  • Customising and flexing the service to meet individual needs of trusts and hospitals

  • Integrating the service with other client programmes to deliver results for patients and the NHS

The Transformation of Homecare Services

Pharmaceutical Companies have been providing Homecare Services to the NHS and Patients to support their strategy to drive access to their medicines for a number of years. These services tend to be similar in nature and delivered mainly through ‘syndicated nursing teams’.

Some companies are seeking to drive additional value into these services and for them to differentiate the company from competitor offerings. Apodi has produced a video for these companies entitled ‘The Transformation of Homecare Services’:

Apodi works with a wide range of pharmaceutical clients